Options on How to Dispose Old Furniture 

  1. Your Old Furniture Can Be Donated

One of the first areas to consider is your community. If you do not have a close friend or a family member who would want to take your old furniture, you may find a neighbor who is in need of a used yet good sofa or couch. However, if all of these methods fail, then you should definitely consider donating your old furniture to the local community centers, homeless shelters, or senior centers in your area. 

Actually, there are a lot of charitable organizations that will gladly take used furniture that’s in good shape. In fact, some organizations will refurbish it slightly so they can resell it, while other people will simply reuse or recycle it. You must always call in order to check ahead prior to dropping off your large used furniture items. Also, if there’s a local community theater in your town, they can usually benefit from old furniture because they use it for stage sets. You should also not forget the local high school or college drama departments. Most likely, they will be needing vintage items like your old club chair or sofa. 

  1. Selling Your old Furniture

Your old furniture can actually be sold online like in ebay and Craig’s List. Bear in mind that you should provide clear descriptions, good photos, and it’s important to mention if there’s any damage or stains on your furniture. You can also ask the buyer to pick up the old furniture in your place so he or she can check the piece personally. 

In many cities and towns, you can be able to find local consignment stores that will take any old couch or sofa you may have as well as display it for sale. That way, they can make a commission while you can me money in the deal. Though you can’t be able to see your own gain from it right away, what’s important is that you get thaold unwanted furniture out of your house. 

Joining in yard sales in the neighborhood, having a garage sale, and even joining local flea market can be able to provide more ways for you to get rid of unwanted furniture pieces. Unluckily, the downside is that you have to haul the pieces around. 

Furthermore, the biggest downside of these options is to transport your furniture pieces. It means that you still need to get the furniture out of your house and either onto the driveway as well as transport them to a near consignment store. Aside from that, online selling also has its downsides. This is because if you sell an item online, you should take good photos and upload a really good and effective listing. However, you’ll still have the pieces sitting in your home until you finally find a buyer of the furniture pieces you are selling. 

  1. Hiring a Professional

Above all else, hiring a dependable junk hauling company like junk removal Spokane WA is the best choice. If you call a professional, they will be the one to do the lifting and they can take the furniture away efficiently and quickly.  



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